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Santa's Red Letter
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What if Santa wrote back? These personalized letters from Santa are so realistic, they will make even the biggest Santa doubter think again. Add a certificate of "Nice" or "Naughty," and you have the makings of a marvelous and memorable Christmas gift. Start your letter at https://santasredletter.com.

About Santa's Red Letter

Click here for more details. It started with a question. What if Santa wrote back? Well, why not? As parents, year after year we saw our children writing stacks of letters to Santa and then had to explain to them that the reason Santa didn’t write back was because he was too busy getting ready for Christmas. “But why not if Santa is Magic”, countered my son one year. His 6 year old logic was rock solid. After all, this is the same man that not only delivers millions of packages in one single night but who, after bingeing on a mountain of cookies, can still manage to slide down a fireplace flue with ease. Why couldn’t he sprinkle a little magic dust, twitch his nose and somehow write all those children back?

And so we decided to help the big guy out by creating the most authentic, believable letter from Santa we possible could. Every year we continue to improve the quality and authenticity of every letter, from adding little touches like a wax seal to making sure every letter is delivered with a real North Pole postmark. For us, it's about making Christmas memorable and building family traditions that children will remember their whole lives.