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ShakeGenie™ In-Jug Yogurt Maker™
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  • 55% off the ShakeGenie™ - the world's first probiotic maker that makes yogurt/kefir right in the milk jug
  • Value: $100, Now: $45
  • Potent ProBiotics: Trillions of Fresh ProBiotics (11 types) that you know are fresh because you just grew them yourself. No more dormant pills or powders!
  • Feel Great: 100+ benefits from ProBiotics. Fight illness/disease/cancers/obesity/diabetes...
  • Taste Great: Flavor and sweeten to taste for the flavors your family craves. Finally something the kids will beg for that is actually good for them!
  • Saves Time: Pre-flavor entire gallon for a convenient, ready-to-go breakfast, snack, meal replacement...
  • Saves Money: Save $25.00+ each use over factory yogurt/kefir. Save hundreds more on unhealthy snacks, fast food, sugary cereals, gross diet foods...Make ProBiotics forever for your entire family for cost of buying ProBiotics pills for just one month for one person!
  • High in Protein: Benefits of protein shakes plus the power of fresh ProBiotics.
  • 100% Protein: Keep 100% of the Protein, not just the Whey Protein (18%).
  • Fat Free: Only maker designed to also use pure skim milk for Fat-Free Shakes.
  • Benefit the Entire Family: Use Skim, 1%, 2%, or Whole milk- Help Grandma with stronger bones, Grandpa to gain some weight(whole milk), kids to develop, Dad to build muscle/tone up, Mom to improve skin/hair/nails...
  • All Natural: Only fresh milk and ProBiotics. No artificial ingredients!
  • Hand Made in the USA: Invented by Utah Father of 8 for own family. Made in Utah with 100% recycled insulation & graphite. Patent Pending.
  • Includes 2 Free Starter Packets(60 Servings): After that only $14.95 per 5 packets to make 160 servings (same as buying 160-4 oz. yogurts from the store)!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: 100% 5-Star Ratings on Amazon! If not completely satisfied keep all the packets and shakes and just return the maker for a full refund.


  • Limit 3 per customer
  • Save extra 10% off entire order = 55% total discount!
  • Orders shipped in order received so don't delay. Place your order now to beat the rush
  • Coupon expires on 6/19/2017 after Mother's and Father's Day - so order today!


Introducing the ShakeGenie™ the world's first in-jug Yogurt Maker™. Make yogurt/kefir right in the milk jug without dirtying a single dish as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Start: Simply add ProBiotic Starter Pack (2 free included) to a fresh gallon of milk.
2. Grow: Put on ShakeGenie™ and plug it in to grow fresh ProBiotics overnight (~8 hrs).
3. Enjoy: Cool in fridge, flavor to taste, and enjoy!

About ShakeGenie™ In-Jug Yogurt Maker™

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ShakeGenie™ In-Jug Yogurt Maker™